Wearing high heel shoes is not a necessity for working women

A new ban on the 24 day of the Ministry of labor of the government of Philippines has come into effect: all enterprises must not force women employees to wear high heels to work. A worker’s organization in Philippines welcomed the ban on 25 days, saying it would help women in the workplace to overcome sex discrimination and pain.

The injunction stipulates that employers should make women employees wear shoes that are practical and comfortable, and do not force women employees to wear shoes and high-heeled shoes above 2.54 centimeters.

Philippines Union Union commented 25 days. The ban allowed women employees to get “Emancipation”, especially to women who work in air services, shopping malls, hospitality and so on.

“Demanding women employees to wear high heels is a kind of abuse, oppression and enslavement. Imagine a day to suffer like this for 10 hours, “Philippines union spokesman said,” forced women wearing high heels is gender discrimination, because employers often think that women who wear high heels will look more tall, attractive, sell things more efficient. But they don’t know that women are actually suffering. ”

The Ministry of labour of Philippines also requires that enterprises should ensure that employees who are standing or moving for a long time have a rest time and provide them with chairs.

Should a person read more books if he or she is not good-looking?

People have to read more, it sounds like a powerless refutation. People can change their appearance by nurturing the day after the day, and can also improve their lives through personal efforts.

A person is beautiful or not, just to see the face, can make the body fitness aerobics, reading can cultivate rich connotation, even without the delicate appearance, still can be acted between revealed a natural elegant atmosphere.

But if you haven’t got your ideal salary, please remember that salary is not just the boss’s decision. If you choose a P2P platform like piglets, you can also raise your salary.

Nowadays, there are more and more appearance associations. Many people have been discriminated against because of their outstanding appearance. But the key to fate is in their own hands. I think the influence of looks on a person is great, but the effort after tomorrow is more important.

High heels turned out to be the cause of knee pain

Zhang, who lives in big tiger gully, has been feeling pain in her knees for a period of time. At first, she thought she was very old and had no calcium. After being examined by doctors, she knew that he had been wearing high heels for a long time.

Ms. Zhang, who is 41 years old this year, works in a shopping mall, and needs to wear high heels at ordinary times. Work 10 hours a day and stand for five or six hours. The work time is long used, usually even if not work, she will wear high heels when going out for a walk. It is curious to wear high heels she does not feel tired, but feel uncomfortable to wear flat shoes. A few days ago, Ms. Zhang always felt the pain in the knee and told his colleagues about it. They said that they should be the age of calcium deficiency and supplement calcium.

Then from the second day, Ms. Zhang will drink milk every day, eat calcium. But for a month, her knee pain was not only relieved, but also more serious. Especially when she went up the stairs, it was more painful. She hurried to the hospital for examination.

High heels on Netease economic reform conference

In 2018, the annual conference of NetEase economists is held in Beijing today. The theme of this forum is “new economic reform”. Dozens of economists and top brains in China’s finance and economics field are gathered to discuss the most important hot topics in China’s economy.

In the “NetEase said NetEase NAEC Nocturne, international supermodel, Chinese chief Wu Qian said the supermodel, the model is very simple, we feel that the occupation was the envy of an industry, think of models wearing the latest trends in clothes two laps to go on the stage to get the money pockets. They say it’s easy to be a model, who doesn’t walk, I laughed and said, “if there’s a nail in the shoe?” Can you laugh at the end of the walk?

There is a small episode in the process, when I have a show, because the designer for the first period of neglect, my high heels are nails, the line just when, on the bench makeup when I have actually found a nail, but at that time because the age is too small, do not want to designer said do not dare to say, then I have tears on the nail of the shoe to walk the last curtain down when I step down directly crying, shoes have a look, which has been badly mutilated, focus with nails around a centimeter thick state is full of blood with meat, now that I think about it feel the infiltration.

Can high heel shoes broke automobile glass?

Automobile glass is a neglected part of car owners, but it is a very important concern of car designers. Window glass is not only responsible for blending body appearance lines, but also related to vehicle safety.

The earliest auto glass is the common glass, also is walking in the wind light rain gear. The window glass can’t keep moving. It’s hard for cars owners to get out of traffic accidents. They can’t make the windows and windows dilute.

The transformation product is the beginning of an early laminated glass. The first is to add a layer of thin film laminated glass between two layers of glass. This kind of design is rough, but the film added in the middle is able to absorb glass slag to a certain extent.

Women’s parking space with a pair of high heel shoes logo

Long vacation run high speed, in addition to the fear of traffic jam, the drivers also worry about entering the service area can not find the parking space. If a special, large parking space is reserved for you in the service area, what does the driver have to do? In the face of such a parking space, a female driver in Zhejiang could not be happy.

Yesterday morning, a female friends while driving back home New Year holiday, when resting in the service area of Jiande dock, discovery service area set up a women only parking spaces, parking spaces than the general standard a lot, on the ground with the pink paint painted a “high heels” logo, and mark “Lady parking”.

Female Netizens feel about this, as a female driver, I do not know whether to be happy or sad. After the balance, the girl friend decided to give up the “welfare” and properly stopped the car into a nearby standard parking space.

Wearing high heels shoes is not good for your foot health

Ms. Li (Hua Xing), who is very young and usually loves high heels, has been in the world for more than 10 years, and the height has increased from 3 centimeters to 8 centimeters. “These 10 years, I cannot do without the high-heeled shoes, I sometimes wear 10 cm Hentian high. I can’t go out without a day. ” But recently she found his feet thumb joints gradually began to shift, as long as one wearing high-heeled shoes, foot hurts, sometimes only tens of meters away. Ms. Li hurried to the hospital for examination. The diagnosis result was a serious hallux valgus, which needed surgical treatment, and the main cause was her high heel shoes, which did not release her feet.

It is reported that because young women love high heels, the incidence of hallux valgus may increase in the whole population, and women have become the largest population of hallux valgus. “It is important to note that the disease has a certain relationship with the congenital factors. In the grandparents, the probability of the hallux valgus will increase greatly. The main causes of it except congenital flatfoot and, with long-term wear high heels, pointed shoes on.” Director Zhang Peng said.

Why do you wear high heels to cause hallux valgus? Director Zhang Peng told reporters, often through narrow, small sharp heels to hurt their feet. Many fashionable high-heeled shoes will be very narrow, toe by extrusion, if things go on like this in the shoes, causing big toe medial ligament tissue relaxation, and high-heeled shoes can also aggravate the big toe sesamoids system, resulting in hallux valgus. Therefore, director Zhang Peng reminds you that it is best not to walk through the narrow, pointed high heels for a long time.

Wearing high heels for a long time is easy to cause foot disease

High heels with a height of 10 centimeters can cause foot deformation and are particularly prominent in the case of long wear. Professor Vadim Dubroff, chief trauma department of orthopedics physician of Moscow health ministry commented that there was no “absolutely harmful” footwear, but there were shoes that could only be worn once in a while.

Flat foot and foot deformation is an important factor affecting the health of the foot. The world’s only female and male foot deformity is roughly the same number in Texas, where the locals are wearing sharp nose high heeled cowboy boots, and there is basically no foot deformity in Polynesia. Everyone is walking barefoot or wearing comfortable sandals. The best heel is 2-4 centimeters. Wear high-heeled shoes may be caused by another factor “, but everyone should be analyzed in specific personal characteristics. “I don’t object to women wearing high heels, but don’t wear them everyday, otherwise it will increase the risk of foot deformation and other diseases.”

He added that the shoes must match the weather, the shape of the foot, and the occasion. It should keep ventilation and ventilation, promote blood circulation, and do not interfere with the toes. In addition, it is necessary to adapt to the wear and contact of the ground material. If an athlete runs on the pitch without a professional sneaker, it can not be avoided to cause the knee to be deformed. Some patients after surgery need special footwear wearing similar to Japanese clogs to help restore.

High heels shoes inlaid with 54 carat diamonds

The designer has designed Cleopatra shoes, the global limit 10, decorated with snake pattern diamond necklace, priced at 33 thousand yuan, the sole is equipped with 19 carat gold and platinum, and 4 fine cut white diamond and 28 black diamonds.

Although these shoes are amazing, the most expensive footwear in the world is a pair of high heels worth 100 million yuan in October last year, designed by British designer Debbie Wingham. The shoe was commissioned anonymously and took hundreds of hours of work.

It is reported that the handmade high heels have only one pair of high heels, with 54 carats of white diamonds and 416.2 carats of white corundum with gold and platinum soles. This pair of shoes is a part of the United Arab Emirates designer Jada Dubai designed the “Royal” series, known as “the world’s first shoes, it took more than a year, produced by a craftsman in Venice, and from three countries gold experts completed, inspired by the mirage. The princess of the legendary love story.

Before the designer designed many luxury high-heeled shoes, which belong to the “Royal” series of a pair of black high heels, known as the Grace Kelly style, and ankle diamond crown, priced at 34 thousand yuan; the series of “Diana shoes”, the price of more than $44 thousand, made of 19 carat gold and platinum, decorated with 10 beautifully cut white diamonds and 2000 Huang Shuijing, a total of 315.6 carats. A pair of red 24 carat gemstones high heels, decorated with 180 carat Ruby and 33 carats of fine cut diamonds, undisclosed price.

Special tips on how to choose high heels shoes

In the vast majority of cases, people with metatarsalgia can relieve the pain by improving their lives. For example, wear shoes with thick cushions, ensure low heel, loose front shoes, soft soles and moderately hard shoes, preferably with slightly bigger shoes, and cushion with metatarsal in shoes to relieve local pressure. In addition, can also use warm feet a few minutes, then dry, horny layer of calluses relatively soft reoccupy knife cut thickening.

If all the above methods can’t relieve the pain, then we should choose the surgical treatment. “At present, ankle surgery can be performed by minimally invasive surgery of Weil osteotomy to cure metatarsalgia.” Doctor Tian introduced that this operation only needed 2 centimeters of micropores to be cut. After second days of operation, it can be worn under foot shoes and shoes under the floor, and can be fully recovered in 6 weeks after operation.

Dr. Tian Jian suggested that when people tried to buy shoes, they had better wear shoes and walk a few steps to feel the size, height and comfort of shoes. Try to choose a low heel, loose shoes, boots and shoes should fit in the shoes can be soft, padded insole or sponge pad thick and soft, can absorb the impact part of the ground.

In addition, choose the time to choose shoes in the afternoon or evening, which is bigger than the morning. If there are deformity of hallux valgus and high arch foot, it is suggested that these problems should be dealt with first, so that the metatarsalgia can be solved more effectively.