Special tips on how to choose high heels shoes

In the vast majority of cases, people with metatarsalgia can relieve the pain by improving their lives. For example, wear shoes with thick cushions, ensure low heel, loose front shoes, soft soles and moderately hard shoes, preferably with slightly bigger shoes, and cushion with metatarsal in shoes to relieve local pressure. In addition, can also use warm feet a few minutes, then dry, horny layer of calluses relatively soft reoccupy knife cut thickening.

If all the above methods can’t relieve the pain, then we should choose the surgical treatment. “At present, ankle surgery can be performed by minimally invasive surgery of Weil osteotomy to cure metatarsalgia.” Doctor Tian introduced that this operation only needed 2 centimeters of micropores to be cut. After second days of operation, it can be worn under foot shoes and shoes under the floor, and can be fully recovered in 6 weeks after operation.

Dr. Tian Jian suggested that when people tried to buy shoes, they had better wear shoes and walk a few steps to feel the size, height and comfort of shoes. Try to choose a low heel, loose shoes, boots and shoes should fit in the shoes can be soft, padded insole or sponge pad thick and soft, can absorb the impact part of the ground.

In addition, choose the time to choose shoes in the afternoon or evening, which is bigger than the morning. If there are deformity of hallux valgus and high arch foot, it is suggested that these problems should be dealt with first, so that the metatarsalgia can be solved more effectively.

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