Wearing high heels for a long time is easy to cause foot disease

High heels with a height of 10 centimeters can cause foot deformation and are particularly prominent in the case of long wear. Professor Vadim Dubroff, chief trauma department of orthopedics physician of Moscow health ministry commented that there was no “absolutely harmful” footwear, but there were shoes that could only be worn once in a while.

Flat foot and foot deformation is an important factor affecting the health of the foot. The world’s only female and male foot deformity is roughly the same number in Texas, where the locals are wearing sharp nose high heeled cowboy boots, and there is basically no foot deformity in Polynesia. Everyone is walking barefoot or wearing comfortable sandals. The best heel is 2-4 centimeters. Wear high-heeled shoes may be caused by another factor “, but everyone should be analyzed in specific personal characteristics. “I don’t object to women wearing high heels, but don’t wear them everyday, otherwise it will increase the risk of foot deformation and other diseases.”

He added that the shoes must match the weather, the shape of the foot, and the occasion. It should keep ventilation and ventilation, promote blood circulation, and do not interfere with the toes. In addition, it is necessary to adapt to the wear and contact of the ground material. If an athlete runs on the pitch without a professional sneaker, it can not be avoided to cause the knee to be deformed. Some patients after surgery need special footwear wearing similar to Japanese clogs to help restore.

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