Wearing high heels shoes is not good for your foot health

Ms. Li (Hua Xing), who is very young and usually loves high heels, has been in the world for more than 10 years, and the height has increased from 3 centimeters to 8 centimeters. “These 10 years, I cannot do without the high-heeled shoes, I sometimes wear 10 cm Hentian high. I can’t go out without a day. ” But recently she found his feet thumb joints gradually began to shift, as long as one wearing high-heeled shoes, foot hurts, sometimes only tens of meters away. Ms. Li hurried to the hospital for examination. The diagnosis result was a serious hallux valgus, which needed surgical treatment, and the main cause was her high heel shoes, which did not release her feet.

It is reported that because young women love high heels, the incidence of hallux valgus may increase in the whole population, and women have become the largest population of hallux valgus. “It is important to note that the disease has a certain relationship with the congenital factors. In the grandparents, the probability of the hallux valgus will increase greatly. The main causes of it except congenital flatfoot and, with long-term wear high heels, pointed shoes on.” Director Zhang Peng said.

Why do you wear high heels to cause hallux valgus? Director Zhang Peng told reporters, often through narrow, small sharp heels to hurt their feet. Many fashionable high-heeled shoes will be very narrow, toe by extrusion, if things go on like this in the shoes, causing big toe medial ligament tissue relaxation, and high-heeled shoes can also aggravate the big toe sesamoids system, resulting in hallux valgus. Therefore, director Zhang Peng reminds you that it is best not to walk through the narrow, pointed high heels for a long time.

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