High heels on Netease economic reform conference

In 2018, the annual conference of NetEase economists is held in Beijing today. The theme of this forum is “new economic reform”. Dozens of economists and top brains in China’s finance and economics field are gathered to discuss the most important hot topics in China’s economy.

In the “NetEase said NetEase NAEC Nocturne, international supermodel, Chinese chief Wu Qian said the supermodel, the model is very simple, we feel that the occupation was the envy of an industry, think of models wearing the latest trends in clothes two laps to go on the stage to get the money pockets. They say it’s easy to be a model, who doesn’t walk, I laughed and said, “if there’s a nail in the shoe?” Can you laugh at the end of the walk?

There is a small episode in the process, when I have a show, because the designer for the first period of neglect, my high heels are nails, the line just when, on the bench makeup when I have actually found a nail, but at that time because the age is too small, do not want to designer said do not dare to say, then I have tears on the nail of the shoe to walk the last curtain down when I step down directly crying, shoes have a look, which has been badly mutilated, focus with nails around a centimeter thick state is full of blood with meat, now that I think about it feel the infiltration.

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