Wearing high heel shoes is not a necessity for working women

A new ban on the 24 day of the Ministry of labor of the government of Philippines has come into effect: all enterprises must not force women employees to wear high heels to work. A worker’s organization in Philippines welcomed the ban on 25 days, saying it would help women in the workplace to overcome sex discrimination and pain.

The injunction stipulates that employers should make women employees wear shoes that are practical and comfortable, and do not force women employees to wear shoes and high-heeled shoes above 2.54 centimeters.

Philippines Union Union commented 25 days. The ban allowed women employees to get “Emancipation”, especially to women who work in air services, shopping malls, hospitality and so on.

“Demanding women employees to wear high heels is a kind of abuse, oppression and enslavement. Imagine a day to suffer like this for 10 hours, “Philippines union spokesman said,” forced women wearing high heels is gender discrimination, because employers often think that women who wear high heels will look more tall, attractive, sell things more efficient. But they don’t know that women are actually suffering. ”

The Ministry of labour of Philippines also requires that enterprises should ensure that employees who are standing or moving for a long time have a rest time and provide them with chairs.

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