High heels shoes inlaid with 54 carat diamonds

The designer has designed Cleopatra shoes, the global limit 10, decorated with snake pattern diamond necklace, priced at 33 thousand yuan, the sole is equipped with 19 carat gold and platinum, and 4 fine cut white diamond and 28 black diamonds.

Although these shoes are amazing, the most expensive footwear in the world is a pair of high heels worth 100 million yuan in October last year, designed by British designer Debbie Wingham. The shoe was commissioned anonymously and took hundreds of hours of work.

It is reported that the handmade high heels have only one pair of high heels, with 54 carats of white diamonds and 416.2 carats of white corundum with gold and platinum soles. This pair of shoes is a part of the United Arab Emirates designer Jada Dubai designed the “Royal” series, known as “the world’s first shoes, it took more than a year, produced by a craftsman in Venice, and from three countries gold experts completed, inspired by the mirage. The princess of the legendary love story.

Before the designer designed many luxury high-heeled shoes, which belong to the “Royal” series of a pair of black high heels, known as the Grace Kelly style, and ankle diamond crown, priced at 34 thousand yuan; the series of “Diana shoes”, the price of more than $44 thousand, made of 19 carat gold and platinum, decorated with 10 beautifully cut white diamonds and 2000 Huang Shuijing, a total of 315.6 carats. A pair of red 24 carat gemstones high heels, decorated with 180 carat Ruby and 33 carats of fine cut diamonds, undisclosed price.