Women’s parking space with a pair of high heel shoes logo

Long vacation run high speed, in addition to the fear of traffic jam, the drivers also worry about entering the service area can not find the parking space. If a special, large parking space is reserved for you in the service area, what does the driver have to do? In the face of such a parking space, a female driver in Zhejiang could not be happy.

Yesterday morning, a female friends while driving back home New Year holiday, when resting in the service area of Jiande dock, discovery service area set up a women only parking spaces, parking spaces than the general standard a lot, on the ground with the pink paint painted a “high heels” logo, and mark “Lady parking”.

Female Netizens feel about this, as a female driver, I do not know whether to be happy or sad. After the balance, the girl friend decided to give up the “welfare” and properly stopped the car into a nearby standard parking space.