High heels turned out to be the cause of knee pain

Zhang, who lives in big tiger gully, has been feeling pain in her knees for a period of time. At first, she thought she was very old and had no calcium. After being examined by doctors, she knew that he had been wearing high heels for a long time.

Ms. Zhang, who is 41 years old this year, works in a shopping mall, and needs to wear high heels at ordinary times. Work 10 hours a day and stand for five or six hours. The work time is long used, usually even if not work, she will wear high heels when going out for a walk. It is curious to wear high heels she does not feel tired, but feel uncomfortable to wear flat shoes. A few days ago, Ms. Zhang always felt the pain in the knee and told his colleagues about it. They said that they should be the age of calcium deficiency and supplement calcium.

Then from the second day, Ms. Zhang will drink milk every day, eat calcium. But for a month, her knee pain was not only relieved, but also more serious. Especially when she went up the stairs, it was more painful. She hurried to the hospital for examination.