Should a person read more books if he or she is not good-looking?

People have to read more, it sounds like a powerless refutation. People can change their appearance by nurturing the day after the day, and can also improve their lives through personal efforts.

A person is beautiful or not, just to see the face, can make the body fitness aerobics, reading can cultivate rich connotation, even without the delicate appearance, still can be acted between revealed a natural elegant atmosphere.

But if you haven’t got your ideal salary, please remember that salary is not just the boss’s decision. If you choose a P2P platform like piglets, you can also raise your salary.

Nowadays, there are more and more appearance associations. Many people have been discriminated against because of their outstanding appearance. But the key to fate is in their own hands. I think the influence of looks on a person is great, but the effort after tomorrow is more important.